Release Notes - 20 Sep 2016

1. Perforce Insights - Perforce Insights is an analytics tool that presents vital information about how your projects, codelines, and teams are performing. Insights draws on data from the Perforce Server (P4D) and logs, displaying it in graphical form so that you can quickly understand what's going on.

2. Excel Insights - Using Excel parser, metrics would be generated accordingly for eg. line trend, doughnut graphs for Velocity trend, Risk Severity. For more details, please here

3. Search feature for Github repos - Displayed Github repos can be searched for specific repo or by selecting type of repo and searching repo within searched query

4. Introducing CloudMunch Turbo - Jenkins on Kubernetes - This template enable user to manage their Jenkins environments. User can launch new services in kubernetes or import their existing Jenkins instance into one application in CloudMunch. CloudMunch can provide a dashboard view of all Jenkins environments and provide various insights on them. For more details, please click here

5. Executive Summary - User would be able to view executive summary in Dashboard view of application for all resources

6. Bug fixes