Configuring metrics in Global dashboards

Another tenet of CloudMunch is to set goals and compare metrics across all the applications in a team to focus on continuous improvement. Adding integrations to an Insights application creates certain metrics as Key metrics. These are the same metrics that are used to set and track goals. 

Before we dive into how to set this up, you need to have a good understanding of cross-application or Global Dashboards. If you are not familiar with it, get familiar with it here.

For any of Global Dashboards you can setup configure which key metrics you want to display and what to configure as goals to track. You can set tolerance level (upper and lower) for the key metrics like Critical blockers and Code Coverage, to highlight a few.

Navigating to Global Dashboards 

Global Dashboards area in the Sidebar. You should see the following Global Dashboards - Engineering, Ops and Compliance (Note: It is possible to add additional types of global dashboards - this feature is available in the Enterprise Edition). Select any of the dashboards to see the key metrics across all the applications in the team.

Here is an example of the Engineering Dashboard

Here, metrics are displayed with different colours for eg. red, green, yellow etc. These tolerances can be set/configured from the Dashboard settings.

The percentages shown below each application depends upon the threshold/tolerance set from Dashboard settings and the number of green, red, yellow etc. across different metrics for the application.

Setting goals for the key metrics

Select the Dashboard level actions and select the Dashboard Settings option.

Selecting the dashboard settings will bring up the page that lists all the available key metrics for the type of dashboard. You can now select the metrics you want to display and set the goals you want to track.