Adding additional integrations

You are already aware of how to create a new application by selecting the integrations and following the wizard steps to configure them. After the application is created if you want to configure additional integrations or add resources for an existing integration - ex: another SonarQube project from the same SonarQube server integration that you configured, follow these steps.

1. Click on 'Add Insights' option from application drop down menu

2. You should see the page where all the integrations are listed and you can select the one or more integrations to configure 

3. Select the integration(s) and click on Next button. (Tip: by default all the integrations are pre-selected, you can select Toggle Selections to un-select all)

4. You will be guided through entering the configuration details for each of the selected integrations

5. The Insights task will be automatically executed to collect the metrics and generate insights