Release Notes - July 29 2016

1. CloudMunch is now available for download. This can be downloaded using the following link. Please note that the download is only available for users running Docker containers. Further documentation on the local installation is here.

2. We now support Team level assets. Any asset created as shareable, during the import process will be now available across teams. Also during the import process, users can select a team level asset rather than creating a new one at Application level.

3. We now support Key-chain management. This will allow users to create key chains, to be shared across applications. These are typically useful to share service accounts for various assets which can be controlled centrally but shared at application level.

4. We have now supporting Mesos Marathon, with the creation of a new template. More details on the template are available here.

5. We have upgraded Kubernetes template to allow docker builds to happen in your integrated server from where images can be pushed and deployed.

6. There have been upgrades with respect to security fixes, related to the OS patches and some code fixes.