Release Notes - April 02 2016

New Features:

1. Multi Micro-Service support during Application addition: In this release, you can now add multiple repos and hence connect your multiple mirco services making up your application.

2. Adding More Insights to an Application: You can now add Insights to applications, post adding the application. Go to Add Insights menu item from application to add more insights to your application.

3. Changes in Application Import process: We have modified the Application import process, to make it easier and faster to import, while you don't wait for CloudMunch automation task to run while importing.

4. Continuous Insights template: A new template is added to allow users to apply only Insights and handle continuous Insights workflows elsewhere.

5. New Relic Integration: We have now added New Relic Integration in the bouquet of Insights we get from.

6. My Dashboard and My metrics: You can now customise the list of Dashboard card you want see in dashboard and also list of Key metrics you want to see per application. These are available as preferences at Team level and Application level.

Key Issues Fixed:

1. Pagination issues of gihub repo listing has been fixed.