Common Tasks on your Application

Applications created in CloudMunch using this Template will have the following capabilities out of the box. The first environment will be launched from a build triggered on the Main delivery Pipeline. 

  • Launching Environments: The Template will add Tasks to launch the first environment for the Application in Dev Stage. To read more about how Environments can be launched, read here.
  • Initiating Delivery Pipelines: When an Application is setup in CloudMunch using any Template a "Main" Pipeline is created for the repo specified by the user and the checkout Task creates and launches a container in Dev stage. Further runs of the Pipeline can be initiated by selecting "Initiate Pipeline".
  • Pipeline progression: "Promote to Release" is an Action available on all runs in the Test Stage. Delivery Pipeline is setup by default for manual progression and the progression Actions can be performed on each stage of the Delivery Pipeline.
  • Deploying - Refer to Launching Environments 
  • Triggering Tasks - The Tasks provided by this Template can be triggered from the Tasks navigation for the Application. 
  • Insights - The key metrics provided by the Template when an Application is setup will be shown on the overview while detailed metrics are all shown in the Dashboard. Go to the Tasks navigation and select category Insights. 
  • Download Artifacts - A variety of Artifacts generated by the Delivery Pipeline/Environments are available for download. This includes the log report files for the Tasks/Steps executed, tar files. To access the Artifacts, pull down on the carat for the specific run/Task.