Configuring Delivery Pipeline

Using the pipeline from Application Overview

The Pipeline is the delivery vehicle for your Application from the source repo to production. The Pipeline can be used to move the "Artifact" through the various Stages of delivery.The Pipeline creates a new "Artifact" or "Run" by triggering a Build. 

The pre-configured Pipeline creates the first Build run and creates an Environment.

In order to move the Artifact across the Pipeline stages you can take a variety of Actions. The Actions available can vary from one Stage to another. 

The Actions can be performed from the Pipeline by selecting the dropdown "Carat" and choosing the appropriate Action.



Initiating Pipeline

To initiate a pipeline, click in the carat next to Initiate pipeline. Select the build task to initiate and this will trigger the task and move that to dev stage. 


Pipeline is the continuous delivery mechanism for fast and reliable application updates. By using the Templates a default Pipeline with 3 Stages is added for each Application.

From the Application, the Pipeline tab provides the details of its pre-configured delivery Pipeline. You can configure it further from here.

Example Pipeline Stages and Actions: 

These are defined within the template. Most community editions come with three stages, as below:

  • Development Stage
    • Approve
    • Reject
  • Test Stage
    • Launch test Environment
    • Promote to Release
    • Reject
  • Release Stage
    • Launch Release Environment
    • Reject


 You can also configure to auto-promotion

Note: Adding a Stage or an Action These features are available in the Enterprise Edition of CloudMunch. Contact us to learn more.