Understanding the UI

Here is a quick overview of the CloudMunch UI and notes on the key areas of the product. 

There are three main areas in the UI 

  1. Sidebar
  2. Navigation 
  3. Content Area


Sidebar has two main parts - 

  1. Settings
  2. Applications


This is the top area of the Sidebar that shows the team name and basic user details. Selecting the caret displays the possible actions in configuring user profile and team settings. These actions are categorized by User, Team and Session. Some of the functionality is available only in the Enterprise edition. Please refer our website for a detailed  comparison of features between the editions.  


Lists all the applications that you have access to, sorted by the updated date. There is an application switcher option at the bottom of the Sidebar (or Ctrl + k). Each application has a status indicator that shows if the application has any action currently happening or whether there is any configuration error. 



Workspace is organized by Application. For each application there is Home tab which displays the summary, integrations and landing page for any other configuration. In addition, there is a tab for each integration with the logo and the name of the integration. 

Content Area

This is the middle part of the page, which changes based on the context selected in the navigation bar.