CloudMunch glossary


An Application allows you to connect your DevOps tools and get data from them to create dashboards and recommendations.     



Integrations are any DevOps tools or services that can be connected to CloudMunch as a source of data and actions. There are number of integrations that are provided out of the box like JIRA, Jenkins, GitHub that can be configured using Authentication mechanisms like OAuth and used in Plugins to perform an action.


Tasks are automation actions performed within CloudMunch. Every application includes an Insight Task that has a series of steps to get data from the configured Integrations. You can set schedule for a Task and inspect the Runs to troubleshoot.  


A specific execution of a Task is referred to as Run. Run is identified by a sequential number (can be configured with a starting number) that is incremented every time a Task is executed. Run also contains the status of the execution along with the output of that execution, including logs and reports.


This contains all the events that have happened on an object and its contained objects. For example, Application history is a catalog of all the events including configuration changes and actions performed (like task execution).