Applications in CloudMunch

Application centricity is the core focus of the CloudMunch product. By focusing on the application as a whole instead of thinking about code and infrastructure separately, Agile and Continuous Delivery become a reality. Regardless of whether an application is deployed as a monolithic package or a set of micro-services, the CloudMunch enables using analytics need to help you deliver the application and its components with high confidence in quality and predictability.

In CloudMunch code, deployment infrastructure, automation tasks, delivery pipeline and operational metrics all together under one object called Application. An application in CloudMunch is single pane of glass that brings developers, Ops and decision makers to get insights, understand the status and make decisions. So it is essential to understand how to work with Applications to be able to use the product successfully.

Creating an application using a Integrations creates some or most of these out of the box. You can read more about each of these components in the glossary