The RunAPI plugin

RunAPI plugin is a window to the realm of CloudMunch functionality. Using this plugin, you can invoke any API available in CloudMunch. 

We have embedded some examples of this within various templates to show its power.

Here are some of those instances to help you understand how they can be used so users can choose to leverage them effectively.

RunAPI used in approve flow in "Multi container service using Docker Compose and ECS" Template. 

In the above case, the plugin is being used for updating the Run state of the "build" pipeline when an action is "In-progress" and updates the same when the action completes.

The hints in the product should be clear as what to enter in each of these parameters and also the API documentation in hub will provide enough clarity to use this plugin.


Note: Please note that some of the API calls may perform some transactions which may change content, history and meta-data of various contexts. Please test your calls as needed before using them in production.