Scenario: Onboarding a Team

1. What is the relationship between Slack and CloudMunch?

CloudMunch connects to you via Slack to provide any support and also communicate with you on our generic plans When you onboard a Team, we create a channel in Slack (named as your team) in CloudMunch ChatOps so you can communicate with your team via this channel and also CloudMunch can send information about your events in this channel.

2. Why should Invite team members during Onboarding?

While this is an optional step, we recommend inviting team members who wants to use CloudMunch so you can really cover the breadth of CloudMunch quickly.

3. I keep getting a message saying "Your team is not activated, yet". What does it mean, and how do I activate?

You are getting this as you have not activated your team by using the link sent to your slack account in CloudMunch ChatOps. Please look for a message from CloudMunch in slackbot section.

4. Why is that when I click activate link the link does not work?

The link in slack are wrapped using a slack redirect url, sometimes depending on the browser, this redirection may remove the token we would have sent to you in the link and may take you to CloudMunch login screen. We would recommend in such cases you copy the link url and paste it directly in a fresh browser tab.

4. After I set my user and password, I am taken to Add Applicaton screen, why?

As part of the onboarding process, if there are no applications in your team, we initiate Add application process. This will allow user to start benefitting on CloudMunch features from the moment they log-in.

5. Why does the invited user also see Add Application screen when he logs in?

When the invited user clicks on his invite link, the system will provide him to set his password. At this time, if there are no applications, the system will take him to Add Application screen

6. When I try to register a team, I get the message "Team is not ACTIVE" OR "Team already exists?

When the team name you have chosen is already created by someone else, this will happen. In some case, the team name may not have been activated yet. Irrespective, best next step is to choose a different team name.