Scenario: Adding an Application

1. What is a template?

Template is a way to bundle all characteristics of an Application under one logical grouping so that it can serve as a pattern for adding a new Application on Cloudmunch. A detailed explanation of template is here

2. What if I don't want to use a template?

You can provide name of the application and description (optional), get the application created and exit out of the process. The system will then create a plain vanilla application.

3. How do I choose between templates?

We have tried to provide as much of details as possible to help you choose the templates. We believe a pictorial representation of what all it will bring provides a best view of a template. This can be access via a picture icon next to the template name.

4. Why does previous button not take to the exact previous step?

The wizard takes previous to the last re-startable step so the process with logical data for us to create application.

5. What happens when I skip a step?

While you can continue with the application addition process, you can always configure the missed step post application creation process.