Signing into your team

CloudMunch allows users to be part of multiple teams. You will be signed automatically into the last team you were logged into and after the login, you will be able to switch teams. 

Switching team

To switch team, select the caret and the section on Teams will have the options for signing out of the current team and signing into another team. The currently signed in team will be displayed on  top of the Sidebar.

Creating new team

The sign-in page also allows you go to create new team. You can register a new team, and once registered, you will be automatically logged into the new team.

Forgot password

Forgot password allows you set a new password (by clicking on 'Reset It' button from CloudMunch login page). Again the link to set your password will be sent as a note to you in slack in slackbot area.

CloudMunch sign-in page

CloudMunch communication channel

CloudMunch primarily uses Slack for notification and user invitations. Whether you are creating a new team or joining an existing team, you will receive the link in the CloudMunch ChatOps in slack.