Creating a Team

To start using CloudMunch you need to create a team. Setting up a team in CloudMunch is a four step process

  1. Name your team
  2. Create username/password
  3. Invite others to the team
  4. Summary Page

To kick off the on-boarding you should have received the on-boarding link from CloudMunch team. You will be guided through a process that will allow you to setup the team and be on your way to DevOps success.

The on-boarding guided process will ensure that you have a created a unique team name. (Note: You can create multiple teams in CloudMunch only in the Enterprise Edition). Team allows you to invite other users and setup multiple applications that you build and deploy.


And the next step is to create your user credentials. Enter your email address and set your password that you will use to login.




We encourage you to invite other members of your company/team that work with you on the DevOps area, to have a richer experience in CloudMunch. Don't worry, if you decide to skip that now, you can always invite them later!

We respect your privacy and will only send usage or product related emails. You can read our Terms of service and Privacy policy here 

CloudMunch Terms of Service and CloudMunch Privacy Policy

Our primary mechanism of  communication with you is through Slack. We have an open CloudMunch ChaOps where you can interact with our team and also other CloudMunch users. Important: So the email address that you provide here will be used by Slack to send you an invitation to join our community. 


And that's it! You are now ready to dive in and be on your way to experiencing a whole new way to doing DevOps.

Since this is your first time in CloudMunch, we will next automatically take you into the guided Application on-boarding process.