Inviting team members

CloudMunch is a team product centered around the power of Chatops to facilitate teams to streamline software delivery. We facilitate Chatops for your teams through Slack and all of our communication including team member invitations are done via CloudMunch Chatops Slack team. Here are the simple steps involved in user invites:

  1. You can invite others on your team to join the same Application you are working on from the left navigation of CloudMunch and selecting "Invite".
  2. Your team member will receive an email from Slack with subject as "CloudMunch Inc invited you to 'Yourteam' on Slack" (if you create a team as “YourTeam” then it will be created as YourTeam) inviting them to to join CloudMunch ChatOps on Slack (as shown below)
  3. When your team member completes registration on Slack, they will see a welcome message in Slackbot (as shown below) and a link ("Click here" to access) to join the team.

 The following screens also show you the flow:


Once you select "Invite Users" option, you will be provided with the following pop-up.

Mail from Slack :

Slackbot message :