Artifactory is a repository manager for your artifacts like maven, docker etc. GitHub is one of the Code Repositories supported in CloudMunch. Metrics can be pulled for one or more repos individually or aggregated at the organization level across all the repositories. CloudMunch pulls build info, repository promotions, X-ray issues and generates metrics & visualizations.


Artifactory configuration consists of the following parts

  1. Server Endpoint - The Artifactory URL including the port. If Artifactory is deployed on-premise, please ensure that the endpoint is accessible externally. 
  2. Authentication - Artifactory integration supports Basic Authentication - username/password. Please, ensure that the credentials being used has read access to pull data for all the repositories in the Server that will be configured for the applciation.  
  3. Mapping: After the credentials are successfully verified the next step is to provide a mapping of the different repositories to the various stages, including identifying the production stage. This mapping will assume that the name of the stage is the status used in the promotion.  


Here are the list of metrics created for GitHub integration. 

Summary of Artifactory server storage information

Metrics Description
Artifactory Storage metrics Summary of the Artifactory Server Storage details
Time between of production builds Based on the repositories selected by stage and the production stage, shows the time between successful production promotions
Production time trend Trend for amount of time the build job ran to promote to production
Number of Builds by Stage Trend Daily trend of number of builds by stage.  
Number of Build by Stage Current number of builds by each stage
Number of X-Ray issues by Status Trend  Daily trend of X-ray issues by stage. This includes all the statuses of the x-ray issues. There is also a breakdown widget for each Stage
Number of X-Ray issues by Status Number of x-ray issues by status for each of the selected repositories


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