Jenkins is one of the CI/CD tool supported in CloudMunch. For this category of tools, the main entities being gathered are job/pipeline information including status, duration and log. 

Metrics can be generated for a single job or pipeline or aggregated metrics at the Instance level. CloudMunch pulls last server details, build status, last build average duration, success average duration trend, failure average duration trend etc. and generates metrics & visualizations.


Jenkins configuration consists of the following parts

  1. Server Endpoint - The Jenkins URL including the port. If Jenkins is deployed on-premise, please ensure that the endpoint is accessible externally. 
  2. Authentication - Jenkins integration supports two Basic Authentication modes - username/password and username/API token. Please, ensure that the credentials being used has proper access controls to pull data for job(s).  
  3. Scope: Metrics can be gathered for one or more Jenkins jobs individually or be aggregated across all the jobs at the Jenkins Instance level. Each level has different set of metrics associated with them. 


Here are the list of metrics created for Jenkins integration.

Job or Pipeline level Metrics Description
Last build status How last build was executed across instance level
Jenkins Server details This displays details like number of executors, slaves, average response, size of disk space etc.
Last build average duration trend This shows the details of last build duration in a trend graph
Interval by Stage (Pipeline) By Stage the interval between the last runs of jobs in that stage 
Duration by Stage (Pipeline) By Stage the duration of the last 10 runs the of jobs in that stage
Build in Stage - Monthly Trend (Pipeline) Success/failure by month for a Stage
Stage Status and Duration Trend (Pipeline) Duration by Stage and status for runs 
List of Stages (Pipeline) List of stages for pipeline and duration of recent run
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