List of Integrations

CloudMunch supports number of integrations across several categories. These categories include

  1. ALM - Feature & Defects tracking and Project Management
  2. Code Repository
  3. CI/CD 
  4. Code Quality
  5. Deployment
  6. Monitoring
  7. Configuration Management
  8. Usage Analytics 

The next set of articles in this section will walk through how to configure each integration, what metrics to expect and actions available. 

Each article is organized as follows:

  1. Overview - This section provides an overview of the integration
  2. Configuration - This section covers how to configure an integration like authentication and any tool specific customization (example, configuration to capture JIRA customization)
  3. Metrics - This is a list of all the metrics and correlated metrics created for the integration
  4. Actions - This a list of all the actions that can be performed on an integration 
  AWS   Artifactory  Bitbucket 
 CAdvisor   Chef   Docker 
 Gerrit   GitHub   Google Analytics 
 Google Cloud   Heapster   Jenkins 
 JIRA   Kubernetes   Nagios 
 NewRelic    OpenShift  Perforce 
 Slack   SonarQube   SVN